Mary Batemans Tree

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by Alfoto
‹‹BOULIAGMENI   December field  2  Mary Batemans Tree  Somewhere, under a Rainbow

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Alfoto a tree!

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  1. #1 Tillerykid
    Re: Mary Batemans Tree
    Hi Alf, Another eye catching shot. ATB TK
  2. #2 Alfoto
    Re: Mary Batemans Tree
    Thanks Gary.......I took a shot of this a few minutes earlier and it looked quite ordinary......but then the light and clouds changed.......Many Thanks and All the best! ....Alf
  3. #3 Tillerykid
    Re: Mary Batemans Tree
    Hi Alf, Hope you don't mind, but I re~searched Mary Bateman, and thought it would be good to put it on here, ATB Gary/TK. Mary Bateman (1768 20 March 1809) was an English criminal and alleged witch, known as the "Yorkshire Witch", who was tried and executed for murder during the early 19th century. Born to a farmer in Asenby, North Yorkshire, she became a servant girl in Thirsk, North Yorkshire but was eventually released due to petty theft. During the 1780s, she became a minor thief and con artist who often convinced many of her victims she possessed supernatural powers. By the end of the century, she had become a prominent fortune teller in Leeds who prescribed potions which she claimed would ward off evil spirits as well as acting as medicine. In 1806, Bateman was approached by William and Rebecca Perigo who believed they had been put under a spell after Rebecca had complained of chest pains and asked for her help in lifting the curse. However, over the next several months, Bateman began feeding them pudding which was laced with poison. While Rebecca regularly ate the pudding, her husband was unable to eat more than a spoonful. Rebecca's condition worsened however and she finally died in May 1806. William Perigo continued to pay her for more than two years until he discovered one of the "charms" which he and his wife had received from Bateman was worthless paper; he went to the authorities who arrested Bateman the following day after William lured her to a meeting. Although she proclaimed her innocence, a search of her home turned up poison as well as many personal belongings of her victims including the Perigo couple. In March 1809, she was tried in York and found guilty by a jury of fraud and murder. Sentenced to death, Bateman attempted to avoid her execution by claiming she was pregnant, but a physical examination disproved this. She was finally hanged alongside two men on 20 March 1809. After her execution, her body was put on public display with strips of her skin being sold as magic charm to ward off evil spirits. Bateman's skeleton is on display to the public at Thackray Museum in Leeds.
  4. #4 Alfoto
    Re: Mary Batemans Tree
    Gary......... I did the same research, and came up with similar results. its a great story and I wonder if anyone will pick up on it in the future and maybe make a film of it? Of course the tree has nothig at all to do with her, I just got the notion that the tree looked kind of mystical and the light above it made it look charmed...well to me at least : - ) And so I typed in the words "Yorkshire Witch" into google and Mary Batemans name came up....hence the title. Many Thanks for going to the trouble of posting the story here Gary.......Much appreciated! ....Alf