Take a Bough

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by Alfoto
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A snow laden tree at sunset Near Brenig North Wales (Taken with a D90 in 2010)

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  1. #1 Tillerykid
    Re: Take a Bough
    I love snow shots, and the cold feeling in this image, sends a shiver down my spine. ATB TK
  2. #2 Alfoto
    Re: Take a Bough
    TK ................Many Thanks .........to my surprise this one just won "photo of the day" in photography monthly.........Cheers Mate! ..............Alf
  3. #3 Tillerykid
    Re: Take a Bough
    Congratulations, did you win anything. ATB TK
  4. #4 Tillerykid
    Re: Take a Bough
    Hi This is the quote from the magazine ~ Today’s photo of the day, chosen from our online gallery is Take a Bough by Alf Bailey. As the frosty mornings start creeping up on us, snow may not be far off. We loved this image because it shows the beginning of a day where the snow is still fresh and the land is peaceful creating a relaxed atmosphere. There is only one pair of footprints which lead the viewer’s eye into the image creating the feeling that they are there in the shot. We also loved the wonky tree as this adds interest and character.
  5. #5 Alfoto
    Re: Take a Bough
    H TK, Thank You, and Yes thats the one! In actual fact they had it wrong because it was sunset not sunrise : - ) I didn't win anything, but its nice to be appreciated sometimes. ......Cheers Mate!.....Alf