Fun on the Beach.

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‹‹Broken Groyne.   Weathered groyne  Fun on the Beach.  St Mawes Cornwall.

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Charlie hopes none of his chums see him with a pink bone, It was all the beach shop had.

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  1. #1 Brian Bull
    Re: Fun on the Beach.
    I was going to comment on that untl I saw yours, great shot and the burst of colour takes you straight to his face & what an expression - great shot
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Fun on the Beach.
    Thank you for your kind comments Brian, My two borders make fine models, and only ask for a share of my lunch in return.....Mike.
  3. #3 Alfoto
    Re: Fun on the Beach.
    Mike........You froze the action and framed the shot perfectly, not an easy feat when gfaced with a galloping hound! : - ) Very well done! ............Alf
  4. #4 hartley353
    Re: Fun on the Beach.
    Thanks again Alf. Normally I ty not to freeze movement in my images but with this one the splashes of water still allow the viewer to feel the pace. When I used to follow rallying I would freeze the cars so that you could read the decals, but allways try to get dirt spraying from the tyres to put back the speed...Regards Mike.
  5. #5 tommy t
    Re: Fun on the Beach.
    Must agree with the above comments Mike, a smashing shot. Well done!! tommyt
  6. #6 hartley353
    Re: Fun on the Beach.
    Glad you enjoyed it Tommy,This was taken on a huge beach just south of Mablethorpe. With only the sand and grey north sea the dogs become the only subject........Mike.