Morning Rush

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by Alfoto
‹‹Kirkstone Pass Lake District   At the going down of the sun . . .  Morning Rush  Stanage Sunrise

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The last of the mist was burning off when I arrived at Cwn Idwal at Dawn

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  1. #1 Tillerykid
    Re: Morning Rush
    Hi Alf, was this taken recently, its just rained, rained and rained where I live, South Wales. Can't see your camera settings here, what were they please, hope you don't mind, but the spelling is CWM which means valley All The Best TK
  2. #2 Zoritza Williams
    Re: Morning Rush
    Superb composition,excellent range of mood,light ! Regards,Zoritza.
  3. #3 Alfoto
    Re: Morning Rush
    TK ......This was taken in July, but it may surprise you to know it is a HDR. I normally only use HDR when there is no alternative and / or when there is no filters that can be used. In this case the sun was too bright and the lens I used ( Nikkor 14 - 24 mm F/ 2.8 ) does not facilitate the use of filters. I try to make the finished product look natural. The settings as follows : - 5 Bracketed shots 1 EV apart ( 2EV - 1 and 2EV +) sounds complicted but it isn't really. The Aperture was F / 8 and the focal length 14 mm. A tripod is essential and I used Photomatix Pro 4. 1.4 to process the RAW files. I can recommend a very good book if you are interested in HDR . The complete guide to HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE PHOTOGRAPHY" by Ferrel MuCollough. Oh Yes I just noticed my typing mistake for the word CWM. ........Sincere Thanks TK and Best Regards ..............Alf
  4. #4 Alfoto
    Re: Morning Rush
    ZORITZA.......Many Thanks for your interest and thoughtful feedback. As explained above the range of light was extreme and I used HDR to ensure I captured detail in shadoows and highlights. .........Best Regards ...........Alf
  5. #5 Tillerykid
    Re: Morning Rush
    Thanks Alf ATB TK
  6. #6 Tillerykid
    Re: Morning Rush
    Hi Alf, Formatt/Hitech Filter based in South Wales sell this ATB TK 126.74 SKU: HTLWAH UPC: 886235165512 EAN: 5052618019863 Filter Description:There are a number of wide angle lenses where it is not possible to fit standard filters or holders because the way the barrel of the lens is configured. Prominent amongst these is the Nikon 14-24 but there are many others including the Canon 4L and the Sigma 8-16 and 12-24. The Formatt-Hitech Lucroit holder was designed by a Spanish Engineer (who was also a photographer) who wanted to find a solution to both the Nikon 14-24 problem and that of other similar wide angle lenses. The holder fits on the lens by a bayonet mount with a retaining rubber ring which holds it in place. It is designed to take a completely new range of 165mm (6.5") standard filters with grads in 165x200 (6.5x8"). This means that, unlike other systems, it will not vignette on these wide angle lenses. As it is also available with adaptors for standard 72-82mm lenses it now comprises a total high end system for the pro user. NOTE: the holder requires an adaptor for each lens which needs to be purchased separately
  7. #7 Alfoto
    Re: Morning Rush
    Hi TK ...Many Thanks ....that is a very useful bit of information. When I last checked it was only Lee Filters that did a kit that would accomodate filters for this lens and it cost a fortune! So I gave up looking. This one sounds quite reasonable so maybe I'll invest in one. The lens is one of the best wide angle lenses available so it's probably worth it. Cheers TK .................Alf
  8. #8 Tillerykid
    Re: Morning Rush
    Hi Alf, Glad you were happy about the information, I use their filters (Grads, ND & Polarizer) and mount them in their aluminium filter holders. You can buy direct from them as well details below. ATB TK Contact Details Formatt Hitech Unit 23 Aberaman Park Industrial Estate Aberaman, Aberdare Mid Glamorgan CF44 6DA United Kingdom How To Contact Us Email: Phone: 00 44 (0)1685 870 979 Office Hours Mondays-Friday: 09:00 - 17:00 Brochure Widget Download Our Company Brochure in PDF Format
  9. #9 Alfoto
    Re: Morning Rush
    TK......Very kind of you to supply that further information........and very much appreciated! BR ..........Alf
  10. #10 Tillerykid
    Re: Morning Rush
    Hi Alf, Did you buy it, I've just ordered some more Hitech stuff, I was using the 85mm Hitech filter range. However, when I switched to the D600 etc. I started to get some vignetting from the filters and holders. This was obviously , due to the FX full frame senor etc. which gives a wider view, as its not cropped like the DX range. So I've just upgraded to the Hitech 100mm range (Xmas Present). All The Best TK
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