Butter Mist

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by Alfoto
‹‹Still Standing   Morning Rush  Butter Mist  Spacious Front Garden

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Buttermere on a very foggy day

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  1. #1 Tillerykid
    Re: Butter Mist
    Hi Alf, Now I like this misty shot, love the tree and its placement, however, I think that tiny bit of land on the left could go. Hope you don't mind the critique (I sound like Gary Barlow on the X Factor).All The Best TK
  2. #2 kenwil
    Re: Butter Mist
    great location and execution. all the best kenwil
  3. #3 Zoritza Williams
    Re: Butter Mist
    Superb shot,great light !!! Regards,Zoritza
  4. #4 Alfoto
    Re: Butter Mist
    TK ..........No indeed it is a relevant critique and I do take it on board. The strange thing is I took about 6 shots of this without the bit of land and for some unfathomable reason I always process the one with that bit of land. Just as well I wasn't singing : - ) ...........Sincere Thanks TK.............Regards ....Alf
  5. #5 Alfoto
    Re: Butter Mist
    KEN .........It is one of my favourite locations and I was most fortunate that the fog stayed around all day.............Many Thanks ..........Alf
  6. #6 Alfoto
    Re: Butter Mist
    ZORITZA ..............I was most fortunate with the light too, the fog took care of any harsh light. ......Sincere Thanks ...........Alf
  7. #7 Tillerykid
    Re: Butter Mist
    Hi Alf, Why not take the bit of land out by using the Clone Tool in CS3, (you could clone the dark reflections from the shore line) you will only be altering a few pixels. "Just as well I wasn't singing" don't get that. All The Best TK
  8. #8 Tillerykid
    Re: Butter Mist
    Hi Alf, just visited your website OMG your a professional a real one selling photos and all that, no wonder you are good. Are you any relation to the great David Bailey, I thought you were just a snapper like most on here, and there's me saying just remove a few pixels. Like your website. ATB TK
  9. #9 Alfoto
    Re: Butter Mist
    TK Many Thanks for your suggestions, I have about 3 - 4 other shots without the bit of land, so I probably won't go to the trouble of editing this one. Ahhh Yes the "Just as well I wasn't singing" comment was posted in response to your ( I sound like Gary Barlow on the X factor) comment : - ) And NOOOO I am not professional, I only picked up a camera for the first time about 6 years ago. I do have a web site and thank you very much for your generous comments, but I don't really sell many images and certainly don't push it that way. I have a full time job that pays the mortgage, and I would love nothing more than to spend more time taking photographs but for now at least I have to make do with the odd weekend when the weather allows it! Cheers TK! .....Alf
  10. #10 Tillerykid
    Re: Butter Mist
    Hi Alf, How do you set up a website, and does it cost anything. Glad your a snapper like me, I started in May 2012. All The Best TK
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