Windermere Ghosts

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by Alfoto
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A foggy morning on Windemere

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  1. #1 Tillerykid
    Re: Windermere Ghosts
    Just like some of my shots from Dorset, the mist made it a disappointing week for photo's .However, I'm sure if the sun was out I'd be praising this shot. ATB TK
  2. #2 Alfoto
    Re: Windermere Ghosts
    Hi TK .......I actually get quite excited when theres a misty moody day. Bright sunshine is the photographers enemy, give me the fog eanytime : - ) .......Many Thanks .........Alf
  3. #3 Tillerykid
    Re: Windermere Ghosts
    I don't know Alf, When you go away for the week, its nice to have the sun sometimes. In Dorset the mist was down a lot of the time, I actually like the sun that way I'm a happy bunny when we come home, because I've got lots of photos to work on. The Dorset coast is beautiful, however you could not see your hand in front of your face sometimes. ATB TK
  4. #4 Alfoto
    Re: Windermere Ghosts
    Hi TK ......Well I suppose too much of one type of weather or another is never good, and when the mist obliterates the view completely it can be a tad frustrating. Cheers TK ! .......Alf