Gods Country

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‹‹Wintry Gales..   Hope Valley..  Gods Country  Joss Sticks!

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The ruins of the tiny church and the village houses are a fascinating reminder of the tough men and women that worked in the slate mines.

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: Gods Country
    The only Gods country I know is Yorkshire, with Cumbria as an honoury member. Another lovely image Alf..Mike
  2. #2 Alfoto
    Re: Gods Country
    Hi Mike........Well according to all the Welsh guys I work with, it's most definately Wales : - ) Of course I'm inclined to believe them........they have so many churches! Many Thanks for your interest and kind words Mike............Alf
  3. #3 kmurph
    Re: Gods Country
    Wonderful composition.
  4. #4 hartley353
    Re: Gods Country
    You are right about the Churches I once installed electrical equipment in one at the foot of Snowden when they had no further use for it, now controls a hydro scheme...Mike
  5. #5 Alfoto
    Re: Gods Country
    Kmurph.......Many Thanks!
  6. #6 Alfoto
    Re: Gods Country
    Mike..........Now if that was Yorkshire, they would have turned it into a pub : - )
  7. #7 acer
    Re: Gods Country
    The valley was filled by a huge glacier during the last ice age that left behind a rock barrier, forming a dam for the lake. Ancient erosion gullies can be clearly seen flanking the Eastern side of the lake in the satellite images. There are water lillies on the lake in summer.The nearby ruins are the remains of quarrymensí barracks dating as far back as the early 1800s, while further to the left are the ruins of Rhosydd Chapel. Beyond that more ruins can be found including Plas Cwmorthin. This was the house for the manager of Rhosydd Quarry and is hidden amongst the trees to your right.Plas Cwmorthin was built around 1860 with four rooms on each floor. Near the track is the Rhosydd Stable and further down lies Rhosydd Terrace. There are six cottages, each was occupied by a quarryman and his family. Before the quarries were opened, Cwmorthin was a drovers route.
  8. #8 Alfoto
    Re: Gods Country
    ACER............Sincere Thanks for your informative narrative. I did venture further up to the "Barracks" and yes the water lillies were clearly visible in the lake. I believe the last inhabitant of the village left sometime in the 1950's....not so very long ago really. I do hope you enjoyed the photo also............Regards ...Alf