Common Blue Damselfy

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Common Blue Damselfy

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by Dazlar
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Description by Dazlar


This little damsel was trying to hide behind a blade of grass as I approached it. It wasn't the warmest of days which helped me take the picture before he strutted his stuff.

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  1. #1 Brian Bull
    Re: Common Blue Damselfy
    I think this shot is great, are you still using the FZ200, I have only just found the video on the web site..... Do I realy sound like that ( i will have to buy the RSPB callendar to see what you were up against)
  2. #2 Dazlar
    Re: Common Blue Damselfy
    This image has won a VW UP! in Germany "Heartbeat of Nature 2013" 12,000 entries.
  3. #3 Brian Bull
    Re: Common Blue Damselfy
    Wow that is brilliant, fantastic shot though, wish I had seen it - is the VW UP that little red car that seems to be associated with the picture on the web also hoping I get the RSPB calender tomorrow just is the car you have won ?makes my two cameras this year seem insignificant ;o) (WDC & Jessops)have you come down from the clouds yet Brian
  4. #4 Dazlar
    Re: Common Blue Damselfy
    Hi Brian, sorry for the late response. Yes it is the car. They supplied me with a British spec car. I went to Germany for the presentation, not knowing what position in the top ten I was. The image of the German Wasp and Mites also got into the top 100. Hope you like the RSPB calendar, especially the front page :-) All the best Darron and keep taking the pics.