The light of day.

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Gold pocket watch from auction first time open for many a year,will require clean and lubrication but ran when i freed the gummed up balance wheel.

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  1. #1 Necbob
    Re: The light of day.
    Hi Mike. Know where to send my watch. When in need of a mot now. Hope your all well.Bobby.
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: The light of day.
    Hey long time no speak bobby, No I can only go so far with watches because of limited tools, but with recent problems in gold market the buy and scrap merchants have lost interest at the auctions so some bargains about I was the only bidder on two gold watches and got them cheap. The photos are me trying macro images ready for e/bay....Mike.
  3. #3 Necbob
    Re: The light of day.
    I must agree. The watches of today have no wow factor. Also I like to see a nice pocket watch. Take care my friend. Speak soon.....