tunnel vision

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: tunnel vision
    Took me back to the 70's, shades of LSD. This would have been on my wall in them heady days. Great image Brian....Mike
  2. #2 Brian Bull
    Re: tunnel vision
    Thanks hartley353, there is some irony to your statement, I was ill just before Christmas and on a coctail of drugs (yeah man) & thats when these idea's came up...... mmm possible connection there. I needed some abstract photographs and I had loads of ideas in my head to choose from. All it is is a flat roof with stones on in Santorini given the polar coordinate treatment in photoshop and my grandaughters eye pasted in I remember the 70's as being strange fashion statements and probably more music genres ever created, great times though ;o)
  3. #3 hartley353
    Re: tunnel vision
    Just to correct any misconceptions I never touched the drugs Brian,only experience was like you, they gave me morphine for a broken leg. Very strange dreams with that...Mike.
  4. #4 Brian Bull
    Re: tunnel vision
    No misconseptions, never in doubt,