And she waved

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by SOLO1
‹‹what strangers do   Beautiful Smile  And she waved  And the time is ....

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The last minute of the last appearance. Leaving Southampton after ship naming.

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: And she waved
    Very nice capture well done...Mike.
  2. #2 SOLO1
    Re: And she waved
    Thank you for your comments.My Daughter told me of helicopter sat in local park. I knew about the local ship naming so ran there with camera and waited and waited. Received attention from 'security' and was constantly herded to area where angles were all wrong, so went on walkabout ( its an area I use for dog walking so knew area well). When she arrived I managed to get around 60 useable pictures, a smile and a wave, which I've given pride of place on my website. Used my trusty Tamron 18-270mm and took first pictures, calmly, on AV, but then, with so much security moving around I panicked and switched to sports mode and play the averages game. Camera was glad of the rest after doing machine gun impressions for such a long period. To me they are, obviously, my best pictures .
  3. #3 hartley353
    Re: And she waved
    Hi solo I did wonder about the security, and how you got round it,you deserve the pictures, again well done,,,Mike.