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‹‹German Officer   Untitled  1972  Pam

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: 1972
    Oh! to go back for a second go, with todays knowledge. Is that you Phil....Mike.
  2. #2 Philb
    Re: 1972
    Wouldn't we all like to go back, knowing what we do now. Life would be very different. No not me, my best mate
  3. #3 plw1053
    Re: 1972
    ..now now don't get too maudlin! looks like chas or is it dave? Regards Paul
  4. #4 Philb
    Re: 1972
    Neither Paul. It's John, why, do you know him?
  5. #5 plw1053
    Re: 1972
    ..all of my mates in those days were called John....whether it was their name or not!! Regards Paul