Edale Derbyshire.

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‹‹Lakeland Bridge.   New life.  Edale Derbyshire.  Cold Feet

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Start of the pennine walk. Edale to Kirk Yetholm.

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  1. #1 Philb
    Re: Edale Derbyshire.
    Beautiful part of the country. Nicely composed shot, I feel like passing through the gate and going for a walk myself. Camera in hand of course.
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Edale Derbyshire.
    Thanks Phil, 31 years since I did the walk, lot more than 268 mls when you come off route every night for a pub....Mike.
  3. #3 Philb
    Re: Edale Derbyshire.
    Are you going to do it again. If so I'll race you. I've already oiled the wheels on my Zimmer frame!
  4. #4 hartley353
    Re: Edale Derbyshire.
    Ten years later my walking mate did it again with his son, this time I did it the easy way we met at arranged points on the way, and I restocked them. This enabled them to travel lighter and get a ride home at the end. So no thanks to a third Phil....Mike.