Charlie rescues stick.

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Charlie rescues stick.

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‹‹Give us a go Charlie.   Lucy not happy to lose.  Charlie rescues stick.  Making a Splash.

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Charlie and lucy go for same stick Charlie wins,

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  1. #1 Philb
    Re: Charlie rescues stick.
    There's a happy boy. I wish I could get my dog comfortable in or around water. She doesn't even like going out in the rain. Well captured
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Charlie rescues stick.
    Hi Phil, Charlie doesn't like to walk in the rain, but both dogs taken near any water love to swim, I sharpened this image and the surfer ones with the software you mentioned, still practicing with the cloning to get rid of the ghost football it leaves.....Mike.
  3. #3 Philb
    Re: Charlie rescues stick.
    Hi Mike. If you look at the options bar at the top, you can choose clone or heal both give you a the option to alter the brush size. The clone tool also gives you the option of hardness. 10 give you a hard edge (football effect). 0 gives a very soft blended effect, and variations in between. ATB phil
  4. #4 hartley353
    Re: Charlie rescues stick.
    Thank you Phil, you wouldn't believe the number of undo's I have performed whilst playing with this software , now back to the start with renewed vigour. people describe this sort of software as intuitive I must have been of school when they covered that topic.
  5. #5 Philb
    Re: Charlie rescues stick.
    If you are having trouble why not download the tutorial, from within the program;- Help / download tutorial. You can save it for future reference