Fallow Deer.

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‹‹18 Pointer   wild flower  Fallow Deer.  Coast Guard Watch

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Part of the deer herds at Tatton Park.

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Great shot Mike, really love the colour variations you created here
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Hi Graham! Thanks for your comments, Presently considering buying some more software NX2 has its limitations, would have liked to erase some bits in this image like the guy with dog, and lifebelt holder, the long lens has brought to much into the shot....Mike.
  3. #3 Necbob
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Hi Mike. Like Graham said this is a great shot. Never noticed the guy with dog / lifebelt. Adobe are doing free trial cs6 which has a content aware tool that will take them out. I've tried it liked it now I'm a lot poorer. Keep up the good work.Bobby.
  4. #4 Philb
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Great image Mike You get around in your tea break. If you had Photoshop Elements you could also flip the dear on the left so they were both looking in the same direction but its a great capture as it stands. Best regards Phil.
  5. #5 graham_c
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Either Photoshop elements or CS5/6 has a tool content aware that will take it out in one click. I started with elements 5 and worked up to their CS programs. Couldn't you clone the the guy and dog oot... Graham
  6. #6 hartley353
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Could look in my Nikon NX2 handbook, and see if there are any tricks in there, always believed that I couldn't clone, but never read it back to front, will check today.
  7. #7 Philb
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Hi Mike Just thought I'd mention. There is a piece of freeware you could download "Fast-Stone Image Viewer" It's an image viewer that's simple to use Allows you to clone and heal, make lighting changes via Curves. Levels Hue-saturation sharpness etc and more. May be worth a try and if you like it you have the offer of making a donation, but not pressured. No licence required
  8. #8 hartley353
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Thanks for tip Phil, I googled it and pressed download on first site I came to, what I got was not what I expected the site dumped all sorts of requests to sell me different software, so I uninstalled it and will look further because it sounds interesting...Mike.
  9. #9 Philb
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Sorry Mike. Try :- http://www.faststone.org/ Should have just put this link in for you. A few people try to cash in on freeware by charging for something that is free They do the same with free antivirus. Best regards phil
  10. #10 hartley353
    Re: Fallow Deer.
    Thankyou Phil will try this tomorrow when more alert...Mike.
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