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‹‹Welsh Winter   Crummock Water,  Fishing boats.  Ullswater  Sunset over the Reeds

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  1. #1 Philb
    Re: Ullswater
    2 lovely photos Mike. I glad someone was there on the one sunny day to record it. whenever I visit it rains
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Ullswater
    Thanks Philb. Guess I must be righteous they say the sun shines on them. As children we used to holiday at Coniston high nibthwaite i only remember it sunshining.
  3. #3 Philb
    Re: Ullswater
    Oh Mike, are you saying I must be wicked. And I thought I was just unlucky. Keep up the good work.
  4. #4 colleenm
    Re: Ullswater
    Lovely picture I lived in Cockermouth briefly, love the Lake District. Very much like NZ in its natural beauty (I think it rained lots when I was there too, the locals would ask if you had webbed feet yet)
  5. #5 hartley353
    Re: Ullswater
    Thank you for your kind words Colleenm, we are off to the lakes in June for a week, I know Cockermouth my friends mum retired there, plus I had a couple of business contacts there. We usualy get good weather, but because i told this to Philb it will rain probably...Mike.