Whitby Breakwater

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North sea gets a squeeze.

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  1. #1 Philb
    Re: Whitby Breakwater
    Good shot. I don't know Whitby. Tell me you didn't take this from a boat. Looks choppy and cold!
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Whitby Breakwater
    No Philb, Perfectly dry, standing on terre ferma. the Rt hand side is the pier, which is realy a long breakwater one of two. enclosing the harbour, at the end of each arm is a further structure which appears to be a 1st line of defence for the end of the break water. Lovely town whitby never got tired of it. Famous for Dracula..Mike.
  3. #3 john66
    Re: Whitby Breakwater
    I do like this
  4. #4 hartley353
    Re: Whitby Breakwater
    Thanks John66, appreciate your comment..Mike
  5. #5 graham_c
    Re: Whitby Breakwater
    Another great shot ,makes me feel sea sick just looking
  6. #6 hartley353
    Re: Whitby Breakwater
    Thanks graham, If you notice the open sea is quite calm, the rough water is because it is being Squeezed between two concrete structures. Still I wouldn't go paddling.