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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Glass
    There are all good but I think this is the best
  2. #2 plw1053
    Re: Glass
    ..I agree, but perhaps the alignment is out more on this one. Out if interest what is the exposure used? Would this work with HDR using one shot and then treating the raw files as different exposures? Regards
  3. #3 Necbob
    Re: Glass
    Hi thanks for you comments. These photos were taken a few years ago with my old Nikon D1. I'm very much a point and shoot merchant 'can't even call myself a photographer' on this shoot I would have taken maybe 300 / 400 shots and these were chosen for my morguefile site. I do very little in the way of image editing. Once again a big thank you. From what I've seen on this site I'm out of your league. Bobby.