70 kph

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by Philb
‹‹High Street  with tram track   Decay  70 kph  Dawn Flight

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: 70 kph
    Philb... This one tugged at my heart strings, sold my healey to a swiss guy I was working with in 83, he waved pound notes under my nose for 5 days,on the last day with 5 pints under the belt I shook his hand, then lived with him driving me to work in it for another 2 weeks before he took it home to Dornach. Are you in to classic cars.
  2. #2 Philb
    Re: 70 kph
    I'm glad it stirred some emotions in you, what more could I ask. That's my mates Healey with my MGB behind. I love the car, but it's more what we do it than the car We've been touring the Continent together for nearly 20 years. Rarely go to car show if ever except Goodwood. also had an MGC until recently. Sold it to a to a very pleasant German couple, seem many British classics are going abroad! Regards Phil
  3. #3 hartley353
    Re: 70 kph
    Doesn't matter where they go as long as they are loved, I have always used my cars as a daily drive, so I dont understand the owners who trailer them to shows, or only drive on sunny days....Mike.