Oban Scotland

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‹‹Eilean Donan Castle   Autumn Canal  Oban Scotland  Pink Sunset

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  1. #1 travelbug
    Re: Oban Scotland
    Hi Mike, excellent image with lots of contrast and colour, what a gem of a beach Mike, looking at your image makes one think this beach is very secluded!..Caroline
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Oban Scotland
    Thank you Caroline for your kind comment, I love 0S maps so when i see a lane that looks like it will take you some where interesting I follow it. this time it led to this beach. there were houses down one side so not to secluded.. To digress noticed in the photography book section of Amateur Photographer this week there is a book of Gimp did you see it, from your posts I see you use it.
  3. #3 travelbug
    Re: Oban Scotland
    Hi Mike, many thanks for the information on Gimp , could you please let me know the title and Author of the book please and I will Google it to have a look, did you download Gimp Mike if so how are you getting on with it?..once again Mike, many thanks, it's greatly appreciated..Caroline
  4. #4 hartley353
    Re: Oban Scotland
    Hi Caroline, book title The book of Gimp. Joint Authors Olivier Lecarme, and Karine Delvare 34.49.Bit pricey,but described as a thick guide book. No i have not downloaded gimp, I'm still old school i like my photos to be an aide memoire ,but this has not stopped me from appreciating the beautiful images of others.Though I would probably use photoshop if I was doing this commercially....Mike.
  5. #5 graham_c
    Re: Oban Scotland
    One of my favourite towns in Argylll , There's a great wee pub there Mctavishes . Haven't been up there in a few years hope it's still there
  6. #6 hartley353
    Re: Oban Scotland
    Hi Graham, Thats the problem these days so many pubs closing.On holiday year before last I stopped at a bar in taynuilt. I used to stop there when I was working with the Hydro,after parking the car ,and walking round to the front door I found it had closed. Mctavishes sounds familiar , might have been there....Mike
  7. #7 travelbug
    Re: Oban Scotland
    Many thanks Mike, will go online and have a look!..Caroline