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‹‹red and yellow   Doc Martens of Red.  Tree..Gimp filter  red

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I took this image while riding in our car! Thought I would try out the different filters in Gimp to see what effect I could create!

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: Tree..Gimp filter
    Hi Caroline! after seeing this image i had to go on line to find what Gimp filters were, till then i believed it to be a character in tarantino films. Is this technology available for free download. Nice touch mobile photography, once tried this with a film camera whilst travelling between Skye and Dumbarton the film came back from the developers with a list of does and donts non were Keepers. Note you took this with a Panasonic i got mine in 2004 only 5 meg/pixtakes lovely images and prints at A4 no problem......Regards Mike.
  2. #2 plw1053
    Re: Tree..Gimp filter
    ...great effect..can you post this on the still life gallery so that all IR images are in one place? We may even get other contributions ....Regards Paul
  3. #3 graham_c
    Re: Tree..Gimp filter
    Great first try using Gimp
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Tree..Gimp filter
    Hi Mike, many thanks for your comments, yes you can download Gimp for free and there is PIXLR photo edition you can use online for free, I use both and am getting use to them! Hope this is of some help Mike..Caroline
  5. #5 travelbug
    Re: Tree..Gimp filter
    Hi Paul, many thanks for your comments, I was undecided where to put this image, I was going to put it in digital artistry but decided to put it in the B&W section.! As I'm always keen to learn Paul why does the IR images go in the still life?! I will post my image in the still life gallery very soon!..Caroline
  6. #6 travelbug
    Re: Tree..Gimp filter
    Hi Graham, many thanks for your comments, I like the effect this filter creates, when using this filter in Gimp the lowest number you can go to is 100, I think maybe if I could have gone down to 50 the image would have a softer look about it, hope this makes sense! ..Caroline