Wintry Gales..

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This was an amazing sight to see the powerful waves splashing over the sea wall!

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    Nice shot you must have had a fast shutter speed for this
  2. #2 travelbug
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    Thanks Graham, it says 1/ was brilliant watching the waves! Will be going back as soon as I can to capture some more pics!..Caroline
  3. #3 hartley353
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    Cracking picture Caroline, Seeing this sent me scurrying to the attic. somewhere up there are some film images I took at the Butt of Lewis, Whilst working in Stornaway in the early Nineties. There were waves breaking near 22 metres in height very scary. If I find them they may digitalise. Any how i digress, do go back and take some more. ... Regards Mike.
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    Hi Mike, thanks for your comments, I hope to go back very soon! It would be great to see your pics in the gallery!..Caroline
  5. #5 hartley353
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    You have gone very quiet,hope a wave didn't get you!.. Mike.
  6. #6 travelbug
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    Hi Mike, thanks for your kind concern, will pm you!..Caroline
  7. #7 plw1053
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    ..good capture...where in the world were you? Regards Paul
  8. #8 plw1053
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    ..ignore that..I can see Ilfracombe...
  9. #9 travelbug
    Re: Wintry Gales..
    Hi Paul, many thanks for your comments, I hope to go back very soon to get some more pics! It was brilliant to see the waves splashing over the sea wall! Ilfracombe has been in the local news quite a lot lately as there has been a 66ft bronze statue installed in the harbour called Verity! There is split opinions about Verity, it most certainly has drawn attention to Ilfracombe! If your interested you can google "Verity Ifracombe" and read all about it!..Caroline