Hope Valley..

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‹‹Snow Faced   Wintry Gales..  Hope Valley..  Gods Country

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This image was taken while driving along in our car! The views were amazing!

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Hope Valley..
    Nice shot form a moving car
  2. #2 travelbug
    Re: Hope Valley..
    Thanks Graham, I find it difficult to take pics in the car on the move, it certainly is a challenge!..Caroline
  3. #3 plw1053
    Re: Hope Valley..
    ...I guess this is best described as a drive by shooting then!! A lovely area I used to walk there quite often
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Hope Valley..
    Hi plw, it was a fantastic drive through the valley and the views were amazing!..Caroline
  5. #5 plw1053
    Re: Hope Valley..
    ...hi Caroline, I notice that you use the same camera as me, may I ask what lense(s) you use?
  6. #6 travelbug
    Re: Hope Valley..
    Hi plw, when I bought my 600D I had the Canon 15-85 ultrasonic lens and a 70-300 ultrsonic, I am pleased to say I am delighted with my camera and lenses! Are you happy with your 600D and what lenses do you use plw?!..Caroline
  7. #7 plw1053
    Re: Hope Valley..
    Hi Caroline, sorry about the slow reply...feelings are mixed about my Canon and lenses. I have had to send the body back because of a fault with the sensor. Due to my lack of knowledge I naturally thought that this was either dust or a lens problem. And so it took a long time to find out the cause. Canon service was very good though and simply swapped the sensor. I love my Tamron 90 macro but less keen on my Tamron 18-270 which I purchased for holidays. It needs a lot of light, and as I am learning one lens cannot do the job of three!! Perhaps your choice of the USM 70-300 might have been be a better bet! Paul
  8. #8 travelbug
    Re: Hope Valley..
    Hi Paul sorry to hear you had a problem with your 600D but great news you had tip top Customer Service from Canon. I know what you mean about one lens can't do it all, I had a Bridge camera before my 600D and had to get use to changing lenses! Any questions or problems Paul just ask in the Forum or the Gallery, Members and Staff are great, we are all here to help each other! and I'm still learning!! look forward to seeing more of your images in the Gallery!..Caroline
  9. #9 hartley353
    Re: Hope Valley..
    Hi Caroline great picture of the peak district, this is on my doorstep yet I have very few pictures of it. So new years resolution Get out and photograph it. Now to search through my OS maps and pick some good spots.

    Kind Regards Mike.