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Drawing of a Koch snowflake on the Lac Marlou at Arc2000 in the French Alps

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  1. #1 simonbeck8848
    Re: Snowflake01
    I would love some advice on a better camera to take shots in the mountains, I take photos of drawings such as this, also hiking up mountains for sunset pictures, if only I could figure out how to post to the forum, is there a reason why the "post new thread" button doesnt show up on my browser, perhaps because I only joined this site 12 hours ago?
  2. #2 plw1053
    Re: Snowflake01
    ..this takes the idea of crop circles to a whole new dimension...very nice image.. I am not certain if I would want to lug any more gear up the mountain if I was taking shots like this
  3. #3 simonbeck8848
    Re: Snowflake01
    Is anybody looking at this site? I am somewhat disappointed to get no comments at all about this, compared to the rave comments I get on facebook, and the fact I sold a picture like this for a 4 figure sum (although I had to draw it again and shoot it with a decent camera!)
  4. #4 simonbeck8848
    Re: Snowflake01
    Oh, I spoke too soon. Thanks plw1053. yes, it is a pain carrying a heavy camera (I have since bought a Nikon D7000) but you don't get something for nothing, I carried a heavier camera all round the Yosemite back country for a 5 day camping trip when I was young!