Washing Day

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by sitan1
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To save money we put our daughter in with the washing, by morning she was dry.

Comments for Washing Day (6)

  1. #1 SpiritOfLight
    Re: Washing Day
    How many other kids have you got hangin' around ?
  2. #2 sitan1
    Re: Washing Day
    Loads lol, they are expensive to keep.
  3. #3 Daffid
    Re: Washing Day
    Would be a good photo even if it there wasn't a child on the line - love the composition.
  4. #4 sitan1
    Re: Washing Day
    Cheers Daffid
  5. #5 rockythered
    Re: Washing Day
    What a lovely smile - a really hapy photo !
  6. #6 sitan1
    Re: Washing Day
    Thanks, washing her was the easy bit, ironing her was much harder