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Different moments of cat.

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  1. #1 elainescamera
    Re: Cat Moments
    I am in love! I love him/her! What is she looking at? Our cute kitty has the same fur pattern as your cat with the tail and the orange ears. She has a medium-sized orange spot on her side though.

    Aww.. I hope I can capture our cat like this! I love how you seem to catch her when she looks at awe of something. Good job.

    Wondering whether a point and shoot camera would be able to get the same quality of photos that you have in this section.

    Click here for the
  2. #2 vkhaitan
    Re: Cat Moments
    Thanks elaine for close analysis of my pussy cat.
    Yeah you can shoot the same with point & shoot also.Just emphasize on the natural shots what cat makes in her daily routine.It requires a lots of patience and almost it took around 1 week time to cover all sorts of poses a cat generally makes.Like while eating,searching for food,leisure time,sleeping,yawning etc...Just don't let her know that you are taking shots....this is the key point which I observed while taking shots and you will get the natural shots.I do agree that its little bit tough to capture from point & shoot camera without disturbing the cat because point & shhot won't give u the liberty of shooting from a long distance but though u can try with the tips.I shooted all cat moments with Nikkor 55-300mm zoom lens which allows around 5ft distance to shoot any object,specially made for wildlife photography.
    Best of luck with your shooting o cute kitty !!!