Late Afternoon Sunlight

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Late Afternoon Sunlight

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Description by Simon Bull

Simon Bull

Sunset on Stanage Edge above my home village of Hathersage in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Comments for Late Afternoon Sunlight (6)

  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Late Afternoon Sunlight
    Wow this really is breathtaking stuff Simon, you are indeed a very accomplished photographer and I think you must be a professional to be this good! I wish there were more than 3 stars because your images deserve a lot more. All the best.Mike.
  2. #2 canismajor
    Re: Late Afternoon Sunlight
    Please put me out of my guessing Simon and tell me if you are a professional photographer, the suspense is killing me! All the best.
  3. #3 Simon Bull
    Re: Late Afternoon Sunlight
    Thank you, once again, for your comments. Been a Primary Teacher for 30 or so years, but now retired. Photography began to take over a few years back and, greatly encouraged by our own children, began selling my work. Technically I suppose I am classed as a 'self-taught' professional photographer, although I'm in a fortunate position of not having to rely on my photography for a living. Never use a pseudonym on work I upload - rather get the real 'me' noticed!
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Late Afternoon Sunlight
    Hi Simon, another fantastic picture! Your images would make a great calendar!..Caroline
  5. #5 canismajor
    Re: Late Afternoon Sunlight
    Hi Simon... let me tell you that there is a huge market out there which would quickly snap up your images for calendars and the like. I'm waiting for a friend to give me the website of a company which buys our images for all sorts of applications, when I receive it I'll pass on the details to you. You could make a lot of money if you are hard headed enough and have a business like manner. Your images surpass anything I've ever seen on any calendar. All the best.Mike.
  6. #6 luke
    Re: Late Afternoon Sunlight
    Keep up the good work great skills