Olympic Torch Carrier

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Olympic Torch Carrier

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Description by Simon Bull

Simon Bull

'Scots Guardsman' steam locomotive 'at rest' in one of the old sheds at Carnforth in Lancashire. The engine will be carrying the Olympic flame from York to Thirsk on 20th June.

Comments for Olympic Torch Carrier (5)

  1. #1 travelbug
    Re: Olympic Torch Carrier
    Hi Simon, brilliant shot and thank you for the info on the engine, did you use a zoom lens to take this image? you seem very close to that "open pit"! hope you don't mind me asking..Caroline
  2. #2 Simon Bull
    Re: Olympic Torch Carrier
    Hi Caroline and many thanks for your comments. Wide angled lens used (at 12mm) and the pit ended just out of the shot in the foreground. The HDR technique also creates an almost 3D effect.You can almost smell the oil too!
  3. #3 canismajor
    Re: Olympic Torch Carrier
    Hi Simon. The high quality of your images is a joy to behold, and this another fine example. I've checked out Photomatix but I find that kind of technology a bit over my simple old head. I do find learning new wizardry a challenge at my age (OAP) but at least I know how your wonderful images are created, and I'm pleased at that.
    All the best.Mike.
  4. #4 Simon Bull
    Re: Olympic Torch Carrier
    Once again, many thanks for your kind comments Mike. Actually Photomatix is not too much of a challenge. You just have to make sure that the final blend is not oversaturated (an art form in itself, but not to my personal taste), then you can achieve an almost 3D 'painterly' look. Take care, Simon.
  5. #5 Richard Hooper
    Re: Olympic Torch Carrier
    Hi Simon, love your images. Have you offered them to the railway press? You might well get them printed.