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It was amusing watching the Thrush hopping around the garden with the snail in it's beak!

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    great shot wouldn't like to be the snail... graham
  2. #2 travelbug
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    Indeed not Graham!! the Thrush soon ate his meal and was looking for more!..Caroline
  3. #3 canismajor
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    Hi, have you found this Thrush's anvil yet Caroline?. They have a favourite stone to bash open their snails and you can find lots of shells around it, so all you have to do is to wait with your camera set up and the bird will appear with another victim to bash. All the best.
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    Good Morning Mike! interesting comments! I will have to investigate where the Thrush bashed the snail! When I took the image, the snail hopped around the corner of the garden behind a shrub, bashed the snail and then came out with it's morsel which I am pleased to say I caught that on camera as well! I had to be so quick to take the images! many thanks..Caroline
  5. #5 canismajor
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    Hoy, what's this about the snail hopping around the corner of the garden?, I would loved to have snapped that !!! Have a look at your previous post!! Seriously though, Thrushes usually select a favourite stone which they then use for all snail bashes. If you have a look around the garden you may find this stone which is easy to spot because of all the shells lying near it, signifying the demise of the snail population. A good reason why snail poison pellets should never be used as the Thrushes will die as well after eating the snails that have poison in them. All the best.Mike.
  6. #6 travelbug
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    lol Mike! I would have loved to have caught an image of that as well Mike, but I was taking images from our bedroom window! so I went in the garden this morning to have a look behind the shrub after reading your post, sadly there is no shells, but I do have the thrush with it's morsel in it's beak!...would you like to see an image of that Mike?..Caroline
  7. #7 canismajor
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    Absolutely yes, and perhaps the Thrush has its 'anvil' somewhere else and not in your garden. I'm sure it can't be far off though as the bird was seen with a snail first, and from what you say it then appeared with the snail without its shell so it can't have gone far to 'undress' it!. All the best.
  8. #8 travelbug
    Re: Rich Pickings!..
    Good Evening Mike! after reading your post I have been out in the garden (in the dark!) to have another look and I have found the anvil! it is a pebble under the shrub and there is small amounts of shell there!! So I have taken a pic of the anvil in the dark! I will put them on wdc for you to see Mike! I will take them off soon as they are not brilliant images! does that mean the Thrush has taken to this pebble Mike and will come back again to "bash" some more snails?! many thanks..Caroline