Fox Cubs At Play

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A few of the shots I got of fox cubs playing about 8 to 10 feet away from me, what a privilege.

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Fox Cubs At Play
    Great images Steve, all three are fine examples of the patience needed to be a serious nature photographer. Well done. All the best. Mike.
  2. #2 travelbug
    Re: Fox Cubs At Play
    Your images are amazing Steve!..Caroline
  3. #3 stevefraseruk1
    Re: Fox Cubs At Play
    Thanks for the comments, loved taking these shots, felt good that they trusted me enough to allow cubs to play around me. Had them within 10 feet of me being inquisitive. As for patience I suppose you're right but these shots were taken along with around 60 others in two half hour sessions on two nights. The patience was that I believe there mother to be a cub that I photograhed and videoed two years ago, She was hungry and had a taste for peanuts, I would throw her some each night I passed by, she got to the stage that she would sit and wait like a puppy. I can't be sure they are her cubs but the vixen does not call her cubs back when they venture out to see me.