Early Morning View

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‹‹The Tunnel   Tower At Dudley Castle  Early Morning View  Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

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Description by Blitz Photography & Prod

Blitz Photography & Prod

HDR done with just one Raw File
using the Canon 60D

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Early Morning View
    Hi Russ, this is a great pic because of the way you have rendered the colouration, it reminds me of an oil painting. I'm curious to know if this the result of some special effect which you applied, whatever, it's a grand looking pic. All the best. Mike.
  2. #2 graham_c
    Re: Early Morning View
    Looks like a really good HDR filter on the Canon... Graham
  3. #3 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: Early Morning View
    Cheer's Mike and Graham its done using software called Photomatix Pro then i saved it as a 16bit tiff File popped it back in to Photoshop just to get rid of some things that were in the image which were telephone wires going across the image
  4. #4 canismajor
    Re: Early Morning View
    Wow is there no limit to this man's talents, one day I might even catch up with you young uns lol. All the best. Mike.
  5. #5 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: Early Morning View
    cheers mike m8 im just still finding my feet as the saying goes i like to try as many things out as poss with this photography as ive all ready found it can lead to so many other things ive said it before best thing i ever did was buying a DSLR never a dull moment in my life now
  6. #6 Simon Bull
    Re: Early Morning View
    Great HDR.
  7. #7 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: Early Morning View
    thanks simon