A Robin

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‹‹Observer   Spoonbill  A  Robin  Papilio Machaon

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mick smith

A robin looking for scraps of food.

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Baby Robin
    Great image Mick, but this bird is no juvenile. You see young Robins don't have the red breast feathers and they are also identified by having yellow skin where the beak mandibles join the head. Young Robins have a sortish dull orange to their breast feathers and it takes some time before they develop the full plumage colour. Hope you don't mind me pointing this out to you, but the shot is a cracker anyway, so well done to you. All the best, Mike.
  2. #2 mick smith
    Re: Baby Robin
    Thank you for your comments, I thought as the feathers were a bit untidy it was a baby , but as you pointed out the differences I was wrong. Thanks again just going to remove 'baby' from the title. Mick Smith.
  3. #3 canismajor
    Re: A Robin
    No problem Mick, by the way it wasn't me who gave it a 1 star because this pic deserves a 3 star rating. My daft old brain MEANT to give it 3 stars but I forgot and the trouble is once an image has been rated by someone, then nobody else can change it. So whoever rates a pic first decides for all time how it will be rated, strange set up but that's what we're stuck with. Please keep on taking such excellent shots and it will be great to see them posted. All the best, Mike.
  4. #4 mick smith
    Re: A Robin
    I like the feedback if it helps me improve on my photography, thanks again for your comments.
    Mick Smith.