Sleeping Beauties

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Absoloutely splendid Eric, in all my years of visiting zoos I've never seen three Lions asleep together, ever.
    This must be a prizewinning shot in any competition. All the best, Mike.
  2. #2 hi2u2day
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    HI there, Love wild cats, love this shot - is this the WHF Cat sanctuary ?
  3. #3 graham_c
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Outstanding shot Eric.I can envisage this photo advertising Nytol.. Graham
  4. #4 Eric Bush
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Thank you all for your kind comments,the image was taken at a private zoo at Smarden in Kent it was arranged by"Photographers on Safari".When we arrived at the compound the lions were all asleep but the noise of the group awoke one lion,well he opened one eye now that was the shot to have but i was'nt ready I was still getting my camera out of the bag.I agree with you Graham-c it would make a good advert for Nytol.ERIC
  5. #5 travelbug
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Hi Eric, this image has put a smile on my face!! Such a perfect shot Eric!..Caroline
  6. #6 Eric Bush
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Hi Caroline thanks for your comment,If your interested Photographers on Safari visit Devon for their workshops
  7. #7 travelbug
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Hi Eric, what a brilliant website! The images are fantastic! I see the Safari are coming to Dartmoor Zoo! Have bookmarked the website! many thanks Eric..Caroline
  8. #8 Eric Bush
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Your welcome Caroline let me know how you got on if you go,I shall be going on a small cats workshop in July. ERIC
  9. #9 travelbug
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Hi Eric, my friend and I are thinking about going to Dartmoor Zoo in May to the Jaguar, Bears and Big Cats!! having not experienced a Photographers Safari before I am very apprehensive and very excited!! it's the thought of being so close to the animals!! did you feel like this Eric on your first Safari? any advice would be most welcome please Eric! many thanks.. Caroline
  10. #10 Eric Bush
    Re: Sleeping Beauties
    Morning Caroline,you have nothing to worry about and plenty to look forward to.the guy that runs the days out is very nice and helpful.I have been on two workshops with him and both have been very good he will give tuition if you need it.Depending what you want to take will depend on what lenses you take i normally take a 70-200 and a 100-400 set an iso of 200 on the camera and use an aperature of f5.6-f8.0 .ERIC
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