Spaghetti Junction

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Auckland at night

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  1. #1 travelbug
    Re: Spaghetti Junction
    Hi Chris, colourful sharp image you have captured here, excellent! Hope you enjoyed your stay in New Zealand, did you travel both islands?..Caroline
  2. #2 chrisgin
    Re: Spaghetti Junction
    Hi Caroline,

    Actually NZ is my home. However I've only recently (well, last 4 years) started travelling around the country and taking photos.

  3. #3 travelbug
    Re: Spaghetti Junction
    Good Morning and welcome to WDC Chris ! thank you for sharing your images with us, look forward to seeing more of your beautiful NZ images in the gallery!
  4. #4 canismajor
    Re: Spaghetti Junction
    Great pic Chris, but one thing has me totally baffled. One set of light trails in red appear to go OVER the top of the barriers in two places, how can this be unless the vehicle became airborne? All the best, Mike.
  5. #5 chrisgin
    Re: Spaghetti Junction
    Hi Mike,

    Those red light trails are from a bus or truck so are higher than they would be for a car Thanks for the comments on my photos.