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‹‹Dsc 6061   The Stare  Puma  Mighty Winds Of Mt Taranaki

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  1. #1 travelbug
    Re: Puma
    Good Morning Eric, the detail in this image is fantastic and I like the way the light catches the whiskers! Have you ever thought about making a Calendar Eric? your images on WDC are amazing!..Caroline
  2. #2 canismajor
    Re: Puma
    Another gem Eric, the image says it all and testifies to your abilities as a photographer. I agree with Caroline and your images would grace any high quality calendar or greeting card manufacturers, these are the people who would pay for your work!. All the best, Mike.
  3. #3 Eric Bush
    Re: Puma
    Hi Caroline & Mike,thank you for your kind words about my images,yes i have made Calendars of them in the past.I have been taking photos for the last 47 yrs,but more seriously in the last 10 yrs,I am a member of Upminster Camera Club ( .org.uk) I send a lot of my work to Exhibionions throughout the country,where I have gained a BPE1* after my name. Eric
  4. #4 canismajor
    Re: Puma
    Aha I knew I was correct in thinking that you must have collected some recognition of your photographic abilities Eric, well done that man!. There must be good potential for you to earn some welcome financial rewards too Eric, but I'm sure that you already have. I see in the shops plenty of work on cards and callendars and other household objects which sell well, but are nowhere near the high quality of your work. In your shoes Eric I would be capitalising on the potential that you have at your shutter finger. Congratulations and all the best. Mike.