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‹‹Dsc 6047   Daffodil 1  Serval  Basking In The Sun

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Eric Bush

Small Cats

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Serval
    Great shot Eric, another one of the fine images which we come to expect when we see your name, and we are never disappointed, all the best. Mike.
  2. #2 Eric Bush
    Re: Serval
    Thanks once again Mike for your kind comment,the image was taken on a workshop Photographers on Safari
  3. #3 canismajor
    Re: Serval
    Lucky you Eric, my main problem is getting around due to a spinal injury, but when I was a young man I was a go anywhere guy, nothing too dangerous for me. These days I tend to take 'easy' images, but I yearn and pine for the good old days. It seems all the best pics are out in the 'wild' away from where cars and people and unfortunately me can get to. Where I live in Cheshire is a bit of a photo 'black spot' so in a way I'm limited in what I shoot, but I do what I can with a smile, a song, and a surgical support!!, ho ho. All the best, Mike.
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Serval
    Hi Eric, wonderful image you have captured here! hope you enjoyed your Safari..Caroline
  5. #5 Eric Bush
    Re: Serval
    Hi Mike sorry to read you have difficulty getting about,but looking at your images you do remarkably well,while you still have a passion for your hobby it will show through yor digital images. ERIC
  6. #6 Eric Bush
    Re: Serval
    Hi Caroline thanks for your comment,the Photographers on Safari workshops are very good i'm thinking of going on a Small Cats workshop at Welwyn Herts this July.
  7. #7 canismajor
    Re: Serval
    Thanks Eric for your understanding, I guess advancing old age takes its toll on all of us when it is our time. Being an OAP is just another drawback on top of the other nuisances that afflict us. One has to be upbeat in all this and retain a sense of humour. I drool when looking at many of your images and find myself 'wishing I was there'. I do enjoy looking at the fine images that other photographers have taken. All the best, Mike.
  8. #8 Eric Bush
    Re: Serval
    Hi Mike I am also an OAP will be 74 this year I to am like you I have a passion for photographe and a very understanding wife. ERIC
  9. #9 canismajor
    Re: Serval
    Well said Sir, my wife is also very supportive and long suffering and has been for the last 50+ years I've been snapping away. Nice to learn that you will understand about ageing Eric and I feel I have a sympathiser in you where as the 'young uns' don't quite understand about how old age affects us, but they will one day won't they ? how say you Eric?. All the best, Mike.
  10. #10 Eric Bush
    Re: Serval
    Time catches up with everyone Mike,its up to everyone to make the most of there time.Eric