Sunset On Exmoor..

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A special moment on Exmoor as the sunset...

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Sunset On Exmoor..
    very atmospheric photo Caroline
  2. #2 travelbug
    Re: Sunset On Exmoor..
    Thank you Graham, it was a fantastic sunset! there are stunning views over Exmoor..Caroline
  3. #3 canismajor
    Re: Sunset On Exmoor..
    I betcha you only put this up just to make us all jealous of the ease which you can get to such beautiful locations Caroline. I do envy you living in your part of the country, great shot. All the best.
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Sunset On Exmoor..
    Good morning Mike! I couldn't imagine living anywhere else Mike! we have some amazing countryside , as you say we don't have to travel far to to see it! the moors are changing with the seasons Mike and it's a gem to catch this on camera! ..Caroline
  5. #5 Eric Bush
    Re: Sunset On Exmoor..
    Very nice image Caroline,did you manage to take the after glow ? Eric
  6. #6 travelbug
    Re: Sunset On Exmoor..
    Hi Eric, many thanks for your comments, it was an amazing sunset! well worth waiting for! just put an image of the afterglow in the gallery !..Caroline