My Bichon Frise

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Blitz Photography & Prod

Just some photo's of my now 10 month old Bichon Frise Peggy she had just come back from being groomed this morning so i put this together thought id share it with you all

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  1. #1 travelbug
    Re: My Bichon Frise
    Good Morning Russ, great images of Peggy! I can see she loves the camera! I went to give you 2 gold stars but must have clicked the wrong star(sorry Russ, the thought is still there!) look forward to seeing more images of Peggy!..Caroline
  2. #2 MADD
    Re: My Bichon Frise
    10 month old.. and already got the tear stains... lovely looking bischon though,, got a very short top knot..
  3. #3 graham_c
    Re: My Bichon Frise
    Great shot , well laid out and really sharp also a lovely looking dog. Would look better on Carolines pet section though... graham
  4. #4 fandango
    Re: My Bichon Frise
    awww lovely little dog. I had one who sadly who died aged four
  5. #5 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: My Bichon Frise
    thanks Caroline,madd,graham & jan
    not to worry Caroline she does lol
    and graham i never saw the pet thread were is it have they made one now to up load pet images to ?

    and madd shes had the tear stains since we had here were still trying to get rid of them there fading slowly
    and jan im sorry to hear about your dog our's gives me so much pleasure and she loves the camera