Coastal Fungus..

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Took this image on a Coastal walk, I have tried to find it's name in my book and online but had no success! Does anyone know please?

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Coastal Fungus..
    What a spectacular shot Caroline. I don't know the name but it could be a macrolepiota rhacodes... graham
    This link may help
  2. #2 graham_c
    Re: Coastal Fungus..
    Also could be this... graham
  3. #3 travelbug
    Re: Coastal Fungus..
    Morning Graham, thank you for your comments, having had a look at the both the links you kindly sent me I think it is a macrolepiota rhacodes! I was amazed at the size of this fungus! Many thanks for your time in finding it's name!..Caroline