What A Wingspan

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Blitz Photography & Prod

Took this at my local Falconry Centre
down at Hagley, West Midlands
using my Sigma 70 - 200mm with a 2x convert fitted

Comments for What A Wingspan (6)

  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: What A Wingspan
    Nice one Russ, this owl is a real low flier. Great shot. Mike.
  2. #2 graham_c
    Re: What A Wingspan
    Well titled photo, great panning on it ... graham
  3. #3 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: What A Wingspan
    cheers mike & graham
    i was lucky there was a few people there so i could get my settings right in cam the lighting was a nightmare one half of the place was bright other part in shade my finger never went so fast across the buttons and dials on my cam lol
  4. #4 mayowalker
    Re: What A Wingspan
    Great shot you caught there i like the way you caught it at low flight well done you
  5. #5 travelbug
    Re: What A Wingspan
    Wonderful image you have captured here, such an elegant bird!..Caroline
  6. #6 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: What A Wingspan
    thanks mayowalker & Caroline