Meerkat Close-up

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This meerkat was looking after the babies and very alert to everything going on.

Comments for Meerkat Close-up (7)

  1. #1 mata777
    Re: Meerkat Close-up
    This is so amazing... I can see why meerkats are so popular, they have so much character!
  2. #2 dtfrancis15q
    Re: Meerkat Close-up
    Thank you for the compliment. I agree they are fun to watch and you can get some great photos of them.
  3. #3 haxel
    Re: Meerkat Close-up
    I love this picture. Not just a great pose of the meerkat but we can see it's "eyebrows", whiskers and the "fluffiness" of it. It's the sort of picture which makes you want to stroke the animal!
  4. #4 elli219
    Re: Meerkat Close-up
    Meerkats are so cute! Beautiful photo.
  5. #5 JesseP
    Re: Meerkat Close-up
    Excellent use of restricted depth-of-field to eliminate any distracting backgraund and to highlight the features of the meerkat
  6. #6 tracyk
    Re: Meerkat Close-up
    Meerkats are my favorite animals & you've captured this one on film beautifully. Thank you.

  7. #7 dtfrancis15q
    Re: Meerkat Close-up
    Thanks for all the comments. Always nice to get positive feedback on your photos.