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‹‹Comin' In For A Landin'   Will Ya Quit Naggin'  Oscar  Lancaster

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This is a Horse

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  1. #1 shot in the dark
    Re: Oscar
    very nearly perfect, just needed to see the eyes, lashes and brow. Thats just my opinion by the way. Excelent photo. Either A well behaved horse or a well timed shot. My mothers mares never stand still for that long.haha. 8/10 from me. sorry 9/10 (i just had another look) ps if im wrong then tell me where to go but did you miss a bit at the top of the ear.
  2. #2 allanr
    Re: Oscar
    Stood still for 20 min...never moved.Your right missed the bit above his ear. Many thanks for the comments, the owner very happy bunny!