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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Dogs
    Hi Jan, it's nice to see you're an animal lover as your pics show. I find that my dogs look better if I shoot from a lower angle and also if they are against a background which is out of focus, not a hard and fast rule, just a preference of mine when possible. If we look down upon a dog when shooting then it appears out of proportion, same with people also. Many subjects look better if the main point is emphasised by shooting from low down, cars and steam trains also benefit from this simple guideline. Just experiment, take loads of pics, and it soon becomes second nature and we then produce better looking images. Practice, practice, practice, we've all done it and learned from it. All the best to you. Mike.
  2. #2 Foord Farm
    Re: Dogs
    Well TY Mike. I will try your advise out. I shall find that very hard to do with Ellie, one of the Choc labs, as she has a fear of cameras, Lol you just has to snap her before she has time to bolt. As for Jack-son the Weimerama he is such a poser that it will be easy to get him to wait around long enough for me to try your advise. I'm so lucky to have found this forum. TY again.