Autumn Surf

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Description by Texas Pete

Texas Pete

A silhouetted surfer walks out of the waves at sunset

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  1. #1 Texas Pete
    Re: Autumn Surf
    Can anyone oblige?
    Why are my images looking a little washed out on this site?
    This shot in particular has lost lots of contrast and density if compared to the original here in lightroom 3.
    I know a little about website variables in RGB vs sRGB as far as the display of the thumbnail is concerned,
    But what actually happens?
    I don't understand it to the point that I really don't know what question to ask as to why this upload is a poor cousin to the image I'm looking at here.
    Thanks in advance
  2. #2 Texas Pete
    Re: Autumn Surf
    I've just sent the above and looked again at this image,,
    The Fire/power/strength of the scene is a little lost.

    The more I delve, The murkier it becomes!
    I'm not even working mac, this is pc lifestyle + 'the complications'
    If you use a mac,,, hats off to ya and NEVER forget how smooth is your path.....
    Why Oh Why!! My My.
    Guru Come from the ethernetdom and soothe my blistered soles.