Willemstad Waterfront

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Willemstad Waterfront

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Montage of images of the Willemstad shoreline.

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Willemstad Waterfront
    I guess you must do a lot of world travel from what your fine images show, lucky person!!! Mike.
  2. #2 Autolocus
    Re: Willemstad Waterfront
    I have traveled a fair bit in the past Mike - but my Latin isn't as sweet as yours..........
  3. #3 canismajor
    Re: Willemstad Waterfront
    You're too kind, but who uses Latin anyway these days except some obscure components of the legal system. The above simply means; 'it is pleasant to play the fool on occasions'. Just my weird sense of humour I guess! All the best, Mike.
  4. #4 Autolocus
    Re: Willemstad Waterfront
    I mistranslated pleasant for sweet....ah well the waste of a classical education. I wish I had used a tripod for this shot as I was leaning against a lamppost trying to get 4 shots to make a panorama. Unfortunately a couple of the images were slightly blurred so I only captured the centre portion. Live and learn. Finally I am going to invest in a decent DSLR so I can really annoy myself with my inability to think before clicking.. HA ha.