Sunset On Nimrod

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Image of the setting sun in the Azores, reflecting on the wing of a Nimrod MR2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft. taken from the Air Electronics Officer's position through the bubble lookout window.

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Sunset On Nimrod
    Superb shot with the sun on the horizon, and I'm trying to work out if this is the sea below, or could it be the cloud tops?. Great! Mike.
  2. #2 Autolocus
    Re: Sunset On Nimrod
    Thanks Mike, it's a thick layer of stratus cloud. I only had a few seconds to grab the camera try to eliminate as much reflection from the window as possible and then shoot the picture. Its far from perfect and I think I may have pushed it a little too far with Corel but despite my tinkering it was still quite an impressive sunset.... Al