M5 At Night

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by atanase
‹‹A Perfect Day   Barbados Sunset  M5 At Night  Safety Fence!

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This photo is taken handheld in very dark. I am surprised it is as sharp as it is. In the dark background is Exeter(Devon).

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: M5 At Night
    A very nice example of what a slow shutter speed can achieve, great shot.
  2. #2 atanase
    Re: M5 At Night
    Thank you! I was gutted that I could not use my tripod.. Still not a bad shot, I will try a sunrise at some point from the same spot. The safety meshed rail is so high, I can't mount the camera on a tripod.
  3. #3 canismajor
    Re: M5 At Night
    Considering no tripod was used makes this shot even more accomplished, well done. Mike.