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‹‹Orange Tip Wings Closed   Mayfly On Flowering Yellow River Reeds Sml  Emperor-dragonfly-male-aug09sml  3swan-sygnets-born--sygnets-born-1st-june-taken-5th-june-smlsml

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close up head detailof dragonfly hanging on to foliage in the garden

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  1. #1 travelbug
    Re: Emperor-dragonfly-male-aug09sml
    Hi Brazier, excellent shot, well captured..Caroline
  2. #2 canismajor
    Re: Emperor-dragonfly-male-aug09sml
    Another good shot. One thing about macro photography which I find frustrating is even at f22, the depth of field is annoyingly limited, maybe one day there will be a lens that offers a big DOF for us people, well done, Mike.