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‹‹Cow   Daisy Reflection  Steady..!

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Trip too Lynmouth

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  1. #1 canismajor
    Re: Steady..!
    Oh how I'd love to live in a place this Caroline, but what is going on here? Oh I see, you're taking us back in time to when there was only B/W, and this is a trip down memory lane, well you certainly made me think of those early days with film, and having my own darkroom, doing my own D&P etc. All the best, Mike.
  2. #2 travelbug
    Re: Steady..!
    Hi Mike, it's great to go back in time, just to be reminded of how things use to be! Devon is a great place to live and I can always find a picture or two to take! many thanks for your comments..Caroline
  3. #3 graham_c
    Re: Steady..!
    This is your best to date rich black plenty texture loads of contrast.Wish i owned the boat though...graham
  4. #4 travelbug
    Re: Steady..!
    Hi Graham, thanks for your positive comments, the sea has come alive with boats and's brilliant for ones camera!!..Caroline