Collared Dove

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Blitz Photography & Prod

Collared dove having a drink must be some thing good in that water

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: Collared Dove
    great shot
  2. #2 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: Collared Dove
    Thanks Graham
  3. #3 graham_c
    Re: Collared Dove
    just looked at it again . It is simply awesome
  4. #4 canismajor
    Re: Collared Dove
    What a beaut of a shot of this obviously happy bird having a draught of Adams Ale. They don't normally half close their eyes in contentment like this bird because of having to be alert for predators. Love to know how far you were from this bird. Brilliant! Mike.
  5. #5 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: Collared Dove
    well i some times think graham that some people get sick of seeing me post bird shots on my facebook page or my flickr but as i all ways say to many folks you can ask a person to stand pose move this way when shooting any thing like wildlife you never now what's going to happen next i think that's why i take so many of them i really enjoy it just wish i was 20 years younger and thanks again graham m8
  6. #6 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: Collared Dove
    hi mike i took that shot indoor's its a water fountain that the Collared dove is drinking out of it landed on the garden fence first so i watched it i know it was looking at the water i got other shots of this leading up to this photo on my flickr page ive even got a photo of a wasp drink out of the same fountain on the same morning and as for how far i was to it id say a few feet away using my Tamron 70 - 300mm not bad for a 99 lens who said we need Canon L series glass lol